Thursday, 21 October 2010

How to Cure Loud Stomach Noises

After eating, loud stomach noises are more common than many people think. This can be a very embarrassing problem for those it affects, I know as I was one of these people. Many have visited doctors and written food diaries but still have had no luck. Many people are wrongly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and sent on their way by their doctors - again I was one of these people.

The embarassment of the loud stomach noises became too much after a while so I took it upon myself to research this problem and find a cure for myself, I didn't believe that this could be IBS and if it was then I believed that this could be cured with a better planned diet. This is a digestive food related problem so it HAS to have a food/diet related solution!

It took me several months of reading the logic behind diets like the Atkins, Low GI, Low Fat Diets and caveman diets to come up with my strategy. If there was one thing that I got from all of these books it was that we are not eating natural foods anymore, we are not eating what we are designed to eat. We are designed to eat like cavemen - Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. That is all that a caveman could really eat, that is what our body is designed to eat. Do you honestly think that our body is designed to eat bread, pasta, refined sugars, refined carbohydrates. I agree, the body is able to digest them but not in the quantity that we consuming them. So there is my strategy - to cure my loud stomach noises I was going to eat like a caveman, I was going to limit my food intake to basically meat, vegetables and natural foods.

The other major problem that I discovered was our sugar intake. Our sugar intake is incredibly high and most people are consuming far more than their recomended daily allowance of sugar (90g for women 120g for men). This is a major factor in digestion and in a lot of foods such as fruit we are consuming very acidic, sugary foods which does not go down well with a sensitive stomach. This is a big cause of gas and wind and will cause a gurgling stomach noises.

I gave this two weeks and was very strict with what I ate, I gave myself a selection of 5 low sugar, low carb vegetables and didn't stray from these. I gave myself a selection of meats such as as chicken, beef, lamb, turkey and pork and all non smoked fish. I also gave myself eggs, cheese a little milk in my tea and coffee (although this was limited to 2-3 cups a day). For lunch I gave myself all leaves, radish, onion, celery and peppers. These foods alone gave me a wide variety of meals for two weeks. For example; a wide variety of salads for lunch, omelettes and sausages for breakfast, meat and vegetables for dinner. It was a high protein, low carb, low sugar diet. I ate smaller portions so I was never bloated but never hungry.

Within no time at all my loud stomach noises had gone - it was completely cured. My visits to the toilet were far fewer, I had far less wind, I no longer had a bloated stomach or diarrea and work was far less embarrassing for me. This was a total success - better than I could ever have hoped! I am now six months on and I have slowly introduced more foods a week at a time, I know what does agree with me and what doesn't.

I have written a full write up and step by step guide of how to cure loud stomach noises so take a look. I still hear the digestion noises if I eat things like apples or oranges but I know now to avoid them. If you are a sufferer of this problem then PLEASE try this. It costs nothing but will power and you have nothing to lose. The only thing you will need is maybe a suitable cookbook to give your meals variety but this link is also on my article.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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  1. Awesome and Excellent Truth.. i did it too and it worked..Thanks